Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Following Sea

I am putting together a new work called The Following Sea.
And I'm looking for some help.
I am hoping to find people who are willing to contribute their thoughts on the great curve-ball of life, illness and trauma. This participation can range from the very simple, a thumbprint (your only identification) and the name of an illness/injury/trauma on a vellum tag. Or more complex, with a thumbprint and some sort of written thought on the subject matter, also on a tag. This invite goes out to anyone touched by these issues, whether through their own illness, or as a loved one, care giver or health professional.
Taking part goes something like this, you say OK - I send you a packet o' tags and whatnot to put your thoughts on - your go out on a limb to do so - you send the tags back to me in a SASE - I am really grateful as I go about incorporating your generous contributions into the work.
So what is The Following Sea going to be??? (not a blog, this blog is just here to explain the project so you can see if you are interested in taking part.)
An installation. A linear narrative, floating in a series of 48 glass bottles to be shown in a gallery setting.
So in plain-speak I am looking under the rock and using humor, community, irony and lots of glass bottles to get the conversation rolling on the shit storm that is illness and trauma. It will be an opportunity to say something about my experience with illness and where I ask you to do a little bit of the same.
I'm hearing the collective 'no thank you' groan as I type this, but what the hell - let's give it a go.

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  1. Oooo! Sounds like a cool project. I'd love to have a go at this one. I just sent you something from another project so I'll email you my info.