Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's it going to look like?

The cornerstone of The Following Sea is both the 48 bottles of narrative and the wealth of tags you are all busily filling out.

The tags will  be hanging down from the ceiling at varying heights.  Low enough to be read but high enough that the you can walk under them if you aren't freakishly tall.  Gallery-goers will be invited to label their own tags to be included in a hanging sea of experience and thought.

Its coming together.

I realize this is difficult stuff to think about, write about, put out in the world and send off in the mail to a stranger, and am immensely grateful to everyone taking part.

Thank you and please spread the invite along -

As always,
Thanks again,


  1. Lauren, So sorry it took me so long but tags have been sent expect them this week!
    Rolando Chang Barrero

    1. No problem, I appreciate you being part of the work - L